The Basics:

mademeals is a meal delivery service that helps you eat healthy, farm-to-fork meals when you don't have time to cook.

We use seasonal ingredients sourced primarily from local organic farms, and only use the best grass-fed beef, free-range poultry and wild-caught seafood

As a business, we are committed to supporting local farmers and communities, while moving away from corporate agriculture and the devastating impacts it has had on our health and ecosystem

  • Food waste - 40% of food in America gets tossed in the trash.
  • Environment - Factory farming has countless negative effects
  • Better treatment for animals
  • Our health
  • Less meat consumption

Our meals are always fresh, never frozen. They are chilled immediately after they’re cooked, to preserve freshness, and packed in our cooled boxes before being sent to you.

You can email us at happy@mademeals.co, or call us at xxx-xxxx

You can reach us by phone M-F between 9am and 4pm. We are in the kitchen preparing your meals between Thursday and Sunday night, and we deliver on Monday afternoon.

Yes! Please take a look at our plans page to see our pricing.

Yes! Skipping weeks is very simple, as is cancelling. (Although we’d hate to see you go!)

  • Please see our plans page for more information on our pricing. Ingredients and Nutrition
  • Are your meals nutritionist approved?
  • Yes! We work with Real Nutrition NYC to make sure our meals fall within balanced guidelines. For anyone looking for a more tailored meal plan regimen, email amy@realnutritionnyc.com directly and tell her we sent you!
  • Do you use organic ingredients?
  • All of our meat and poultry is humanely raised and pasture-raised. We use locally grown and primarily organic produce, especially when they are known to have high pesticide residues. Some may know these as “The Dirty Dozen” (listed below). On the flip side, there are many foods that have very low levels of residue because of the way they are grown. Some may know these as “The Clean 15”. (We have also provided a list of these below). We support local and regional farmers who use responsible practices, and make an effort to use ingredients with minimal to no pesticide residues so that our meals are clean, high-quality and nutrient-dense.

  • How many calories are in one meal?
  • Our meals range between 400-600 calories.

  • Do you serve Paleo meals?
  • Yes! We have 3 paleo options to choose from every week.

  • Do you serve vegan or vegetarian meals?
  • Yes! We have 3 vegan and/or vegetarian options to choose from every week.

  • Do you offer low-sodium meals?
  • All of our meals are below 1,000 mg of sodium, (with most of them being below 750mg), and we sparingly add salt to recipes.

  • How many people does one meal feed?
  • Our meals are a good portion for one.

  • I have dietary restrictions/allergies. Do you have meals that work for me?
  • Yes and no. Most of our meals are gluten, dairy, soy and preservative free. However, we cook in a shared kitchen space so cross contamination is possible. When you choose your meals each week, you will be able to see if they contain any allergens.

Delivery and Receiving My Meals

Most of our meals last 4-5 days in the fridge, depending on the ingredients used. (For example, we recommend seafood meals be eaten sooner than chicken meals).

We work with a 3rd party delivery partner that specializes in perishables so that your food arrives safe and sound.

Meals are packaged in compostable containers, (oven and microwave safe), and are wrapped with an adhesive band that contains information about the meal. The meals are then put in a box with recycled fiber insulation and ice packs and sent to your doorstep.

Our containers are compostable, our insulated liners are recyclable, our ice packs are re-usable and the corrugated box can be recycled with all other corrguated materials!

When signing up, we ask that you let us know where to leave boxes, as this is the case for many New Yorkers. Often times people instruct us to leave boxes in the atrium.

Because of the short amount of time our meals are en route for delivery, meals will remain at a safe cold temperature even if the ice packs seem melted. If there are any issues, we ask that you reach out to us directly at happy@mademeals.co.

Refrigerate them!

If you drop your email and zip code into our zip code checker, you can see if we deliver to you.

Nope. We figure that most people get home from work after 5pm, so most customers will come home to find their box in their lobby or with their doorman/front desk. As long as you specify where your box should be left, you don’t need to be home to receive it.

Our delivery partner delivers our boxes on Monday afternoon, (usually between 11am-5pm), so your box will be waiting when you get home from work.

Enjoying My Meals

Our deadline for Monday delivery is Wednesday, so as long as you have your first order in before Wednenesday at 12 PM, you will receive your meals the following Monday.

Reach out to us directly with any comments or issues, and we will do our best to accomadate and make you happy!

Just log into your account and …………...

Not yet, but we plan on introducing family sized meals a bit down the road.

Yes! Our meals rotate on a weekly basis, and we use local, seasonal ingredients.

Unfortunately not at this time. We believe that to deliver consistent quality and taste, it is important to focus sharply on that part of our business rather than customization early on. We plan on introducing customization as we grow though!

Preparing and Eating My Meals

Our containers are oven and microwave safe. Please consult the packaging for meal specific heating instructions. If you are heating in the oven, we recommend placing the meal container on a sheet pan and using an oven mit so it is easy to get out once hot.

You can log into your account to see all of your past orders.

Yes! Our meal containers are oven safe. You can find meal specific heating instructions on the container. Note that the re-heating times are generalized, as it’s impossible for us to provide instructions specific to every individual make and model of oven or microwave. .

Yes, you can freeze our meals if you do not expect to eat them in the first seven days, but we do not advise it.

We highly recommend enjoying your meals fresh until the expiration date on the container. If you must freeze a meal, be thoughtful about which one(s) you choose to freeze. Uncooked greens like salads should not be frozen, and should be eaten earlier for peak deliciousness. The texture of cooked vegetables tends to be affected by thawing. Soggy vegetables are not what we consider delicious!

Chef-Prepared, Quality Dinners Delivered and Ready in Minutes