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Pick a weekly plan that's right for you

 Pick a weekly plan that fits your lifestyle. Whether you’re a home chef and only need 3-4 meals for those busy times, or if you’re constantly on the run and need 8-10 meals, we’ve got you covered.

select from 12 rotating weekly options

Each week, we will send you a text with a link you can click to choose your meals, (or skip/pause). Choose from 4 vegan, 4 paleo and 4 balanced options that constantly rotate. We don’t believe in fad diets as much as we do eating wholesome, healthy ingredients and making a habit of it. Whether you’re vegan, part-time vegan, paleo, pegan, or anything else, we’ve got you covered :)



we source local & organic ingredients

Once orders are in, we source the highest quality local and organic ingredients. Supporting local agriculture is huge for us, and we source from a network of farms that use responsible practices when growing food or raising livestock. Not only do responsible practices yield higher quality ingredients, but they are good for the planet.

we cook your meals with integrity and love

Our preparation process involves lots of attention and care, from 3-day marinations to handmade artisan sauces and dips. We spend time crafting every meal and making sure that textures and flavors are the best they can be.



we deliver your meals

Every Monday, your meals are delivered to you, free of charge. You are always in control, and can skip a week, modify or cancel your subscription anytime. Our text-based system is easy and intuitive.

heat and eat

Our containers are oven and microwave safe, so you can enjoy them in anywhere between 3-15 minutes. We prefer heating them up in the oven, as it’s more natural, even heat; but we understand the microwave is necessary sometimes! Go enjoy an evening with Netflix or an afternoon of focused work knowing that you’re eating a high quality, healthy and delicious meal ;)


Chef-Prepared, Quality Dinners Delivered and Ready in Minutes

Chef-Prepared, Quality Dinners Delivered and Ready in Minutes