Building a better food system

Our food system, (the way in which food is grown and distributed), is broken, and eating high quality ingredients when you’re on the run or too busy to cook can be difficult. By working with farmers that raise high-quality ingredients, we aim to support responsible farming and the regeration of our land and health. Every time we eat, we have the opportunity to vote for change in our environment and community.


Using quality ingredients

At grocery stores and restraurants, it can often be hard to tell whether ingredients are high qulity or repsonsibly grown. We are committed to using local, organic and non–GMO produce, responsibly raised, hormone–free meats and sustainably sourced seafood, and want to empower our customers to make choices that will positively affect their health, the environment, and the treatment of farm animals.


Regenerating our land

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Regenerative agriculture describes farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity. By building our menus around crop rotations that work best for farmers and supporting responsible growing practices, we help support the replenishment of farm soil while reducing reliance on pesticides and fertilizers.


According to soil scientists, at current rates of soil destruction, within 50 years we will not only suffer serious damage to public health due to degraded food quality, but we will no longer have enough cultivable topsoil to feed ourselves. Without protecting and regenerating the soil on our billions of acres of cultivated farmland, pasture and rangeland, and forest land, it will be impossible to feed the world, keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, or halt the loss of biodiversity.


Reducing food waste

Every year, 133 billion pounds of food, (roughly 40% of everything we produce), is wasted in the US. Not only is this excessive, it’s expensive. Uneaten food at restaurants, retailers and homes costs about $161 billion annually.

We are committed to addressing this issue and have shaped our business in a way that reduces food waste to virtually zero. By taking our orders in advance, we only source the ingredients required to produce a week of meals at a time, with any leftover produce being composted or cooked into a broth.


Helping our community

We believe in giving back to our community. With a prison system that has left many non-violent, fully-capable ex-convicts struggling to integrate back into society, we have made it part of our mission to hire formerly convicted individuals. (We’ve learned a great deal from our friends over at paleyobakery, who’s master baker is an ex-convict and gentle giant!)
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Chef-Prepared, Quality Dinners Delivered and Ready in Minutes

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Chef-Prepared, Quality Dinners Delivered and Ready in Minutes