Our Story

Mademeals was founded in 2016 by Jesse McBride, a health and wellness enthusiast who envisioned building a prepared meal delivery service in NYC/NJ. About a year into his journey, Jesse was diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, Colitis, which unfolded into months of abdominal pain, weight loss, stress, and confusion around how to heal.

This difficult time did not come without an important learning period. After speaking to numerous integrative health experts and diving through mountains of research, Jesse began learning about the vital importance of the quality of our food, where it comes from, and how crucial it is for us to move away from factory farming and ‘big agriculture’, which have damaged our health and our planet.



During his journey, Jesse linked up with a mentor and chef named Joe, who would go on to help him learn about building and scaling a food business properly. At his heaviest, Joe was 355 pounds and struggling with alcoholism and health issues, but managed to find his way back to health through overhauling his diet and exercising religiously. Joe now weighs 180 pounds and has led kitchen teams of 20, producing over 3,000 meals per day. The duo found a collaboration that was meant to be.

Since August 2016, Jesse and Joe spent hours in the kitchen designing and perfecting recipes, and working on systems that would allow them to scale mademeals in a way that would help busy people in NYC and NJ eat high quality, local and organic prepared meals during the week.

By using ingredients grown/raised by responsible farmers, we aim to help in building a better food system that strengthens local community and promotes health. We look forward to making meals for you.


Chef-Prepared, Quality Dinners Delivered and Ready in Minutes

Chef-Prepared, Quality Dinners Delivered and Ready in Minutes